Bamboo boards possess great resilience and endurance. No matter what weather conditions occur, our boards will always look as new. They are harder than floorboards made from wood, its density exceeds 1250 kg/m3.
They are soaked with vegetable oils, then coated with protective layers what makes them UV resistant. Also, it prevents any insects or contamination. Our boards undergo the thermal process at different temperatures, which makes it harder thanks to the eluting of sugar and starch.
We use a clip system to attach our boards, it makes attachments invisible. The human eye sees only well-attached boards.
Terrace boards made from screwed bamboo have dimensions 2500x140x18.

Bamboo joists have density 1250kg/m3. Their dimensions are:

  • 2500x40x50
  • 2500x40x60
  • 2500x70x70


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