Impregnating products

Natural impregnator for wood based on bee wax and Skosmo Bamboo Systems& Hurman oil.

Linseed oil with bee wax- natural, complex protection for wood, natural antisepsis based on linseed oil, natural bee wax. Born to protection and ornament wood, either for inside as for outside work. It is a 100% natural product, clear, biodegradable( doesn't contain any solvents or any other dangerous chemical agents).

Deeply penetrate the structure of wood and protects it from moisture, microorganisms, and UV radiation. Allows wood to "breath" and prevents any decay inside of the wood. Thanks to the penetrating process, it will effectively prevent your wood in all its layers. It also protects from a fungus.
Content: Single oil 72%, Bee Wax 20%, Rosin oil 8%.

Way of use: Put wax twice/ after the first layer waits 3-5 hours, allow it to penetrate wood/ then take the surplus on the surface and repeat the process. 1L of oil last for 15m2.


Tang for imprecation of the wood RENOVE

Tang oil for terraces and garden furniture is a trusted and reliable formula of tang oil for the impregnation of your wood outside. It underlines the beauty of the wood. It stunts the graying process caused by seasonal maintenance. Deeply penetrate in the structure of wood protecting it from destroying atmospheric processes, i.e. water, moisture, snow. It is also resistant to UV radiation.

Stir before use. Put steadily with the use of roller in the temperature from 15C to 25C. Do not put oil when rainy. Put until saturation of the surface. Remove the surplus. It is recommended to repeat the process twice a year. 1L of oil last for 10m2.


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