High-quality Bamboo floor- density exceeding 1100kg/m3

Possess all tests, certifications, and reports- it's perfect for floor heating. The ''Furella'' technology connects all bamboo boards with vegetable oil.

Our floor dragged with hardened layers prevents contamination, insects, UV radiation. Floors are also varnished what makes them more resistant before aging.

In the market, you can find all the different bamboo floors, yet most of them rarely fulfill your expectations. In SKOSMO BAMBOO SYSTEMS you have the highest quality guaranteed.

Terrace Boards

Terrace Board is produced in the same technology as floorboards, its density is 1250 kg/m3. It is harder than other boards from exotic wood. It's soaked with oil on all its thickness. Our terrace boards are mounted on mudsills, then attached using a clips system.


Our technology will extend the lifetime of your terrace floor.

Bamboo boards for horse boxes

Bamboo boards are hard enough and solid to use in a horsebox. Its density is 1250kg/m3 at humidity 12%.

We use special preparation that is resistant to any contamination made by your horse. Boards for boxes are made according to the customer project.

The thickness of the boards is 4 cm or 3,2 cm.


Pergolas and Fences


Bamboo pergolas and fences will last and serve you for years. We make it according to a specific design.

Get familiar with our brand offer- SKOSMO Consulting is a reliable and trustworthy company in the Polish-Asian market.



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